Fever Optics

Convenient, Cost-Effective Health Screening Technology

Get your business back to the new “Normal” and gain the safety and protection you need now

Stop the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases with thermal screening for businesses, public spaces, and travel.

We’ve combined IoT Technology, AI, and Video Analytics to Automatically Detect Elevated Body Temperature in Humans

  • Elevated body temperature (EBT) is often the first physiological response to illness
  • Our Fever Optics camera provides an immediate option to protect employees from the spread of illness
  • Gets employees back to work quickly
  • Cuts down on workplace loss

What Sets Us Apart

  • Integrated AI software to adjust and detect body temperature with higher accuracy
  • Screens multiple individuals at one time, and with optional RFID equipment can run without the need for workers present
  • Temperature recognition with 0.3-0.9 degree accuracy

Restore a New “Normal”