How Thermal Imaging Works

Restore a New "Normal"

The Software

  • A Rules-Based System whereby each business can set temperature thresholds, determine who receives an alert and determine the action your business will take to remove someone detected
  • As one or more people move into the field of view, the camera automatically scans their temperature
  • Scanning can begin up to 10.5 feet Away
  • For those detected, their picture is taken so you can identify them immediately by staff monitoring or optional RFID alert notifications that the user chooses
  • An alert is sent to internal staff that someone has been detected and to take action
    • An alarm can also sound upon scanning to alert those detected
  • Face Detection & AI Minimize False Alarms
  • You can enable Optional RFID Technology connected to Key cards, Key FOB’s, encrypted ID’s, etc.
  • Connects Employee Information to Fever
  • Smart Device Adapts to Changes in Ambient Temperature With Real-Time Adjustments
  • Enables Users to Maintain a Safe Distance From Target(s)
3thermal camera