Restore a New "Normal"

As organizations around the world prepare to reopen and resume business as normally as possible, leaders must do what is necessary to ensure the safety of others by preventing the spread of the coronavirus and other infectious diseases.

Fever Optics is a complete fever detection system that utilizes an advanced thermal imaging camera with artificial intelligence software, to measure the body temperature of multiple people instantly and simultaneously. When a fever is detected, audio and/or visual alerts are triggered, and the necessary personnel are notified so further action can be taken. Fever Optics is built with the future of business and public health in mind, providing a new and innovative way to combat the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, without sacrificing the safety of your workers or the public. This is a turnkey solution with technology that allows Fever Optics to assist and protect almost anywhere.

Thermal Detection Camera

The Thermal Detection Camera from Fever Optics uses advanced technologies to locate different areas of the face for temperature scanning. The system can easily tell the difference between a hot cup of coffee and an individual’s face and/or body. The system emits an audible alarm in addition to a visual alarm to alert the user of higher than normal body temperature.

Using face detection technology, the system scans multiple people as they come within the field of view of the camera. Measurements can be taken from up to 10.5 feet from the target, allowing for EBT scanning without coming into direct or close contact with the individual.

Artificial Intelligence Software

Fever Optics artificial intelligence software analyzes the infrared data from the camera and simplifies it for anyone to understand and use. The artificial intelligence constantly makes decisions so you do not have to, recognizing and measuring human figures, ignoring false positives, and alerting when elevated body temperature is recorded. The thermal imaging camera acts as the tool and artificial intelligence as the worker who uses it.

  • Integrated face detection scan and identifies multiple people simultaneously, preventing bottlenecks and long lines at points of entry
  • Optional RFID compatibility allows for stations to run entirely automated
  • The system scans and quickly identifies Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) from a safe distance
  • Provides audio & visual alerts customized to your specific needs
  • AI software prevents false alarms from being triggered by
    • hot beverages
    • service animals, and other potential false positives
  • Can detect if individuals are wearing masks
  • Optional RFID technology integration
  • Provides automatic alerts of fever with employee name & information
  • Rules-Based System allows organizations to decide who receives alerts and what’s included, such as employee name and other information


  • Speed up the movement of personnel/visitors
  • Eliminates the need for staffing and exposing workers
  • Cut down on lines and waiting for safe entry and exit
  • More trusted than Forehead or No Touch thermal scans
  • Provides a discrete and efficient method for detecting individuals that might require additional screening for viral infection. This, combined with other methods and tools, may help slow the spread of disease in workplaces and a variety of public places.
  • Our technology has been well received by the Department of Defense, Fortune 100 companies, and several Public Sector organizations throughout North America.
  • Transportation agencies, government agencies, businesses, manufacturing plants, and first responders can all benefit from using the Fever Optics as part of their regular Employee Health and Screenings (EH&S) program.
  • The Camera provides a quick way for users to screen for potential illness. Individuals identified with EBT by the system can then be referred for virus-specific screening.


This device is not used to diagnose COVID-19 or the existence of any virus or medical condition. Mint Controls is not advertising this device for use in the medical industry or for any medical purpose. This device may be used to identify individuals in a population that shows higher than the average temperature in relation to a sample population. This device does not find individuals experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or the symptoms of any other illness or medical condition. There is no way to thermally detect an infected individual who does not have an elevated body temperature and only a licensed medical professional can determine if an individual is experiencing a particular medical condition. The accuracy of this device in detecting the temperature of an individual may be affected by environmental factors and other variables related to how and where the device is used. Mint Controls provides no representations or warranties as to the accuracy of any particular temperature reading or group of temperature readings.